The Last Evening in Edinburgh – Pizza Night


Our last evening in Edinburgh.  Our group were going to leave the house at different times to different places on the following morning.


This evening, we had a take away of pizza.  It’s one of the easy choices for us as the girlfriend of our nephew is a vegetarian.  It was just supermarket pizza, not great but filled us up.













As we were leaving the house relatively early the next morning we did packing (it took us a while) after dinner so we just have to add what we use in the morning and what we were wearing to the cases.  We had to take quite a lot of stuff on this holiday because the weather in the UK is so unpredictable, we took warm clothes, light clothes, casual countryside clothes and city clothes. My husband runs so he needs running shoes and smart shoes, I needed walking shoes and smart shoes…  so much stuff!  Anyway, we did manage to stuff everything in and had an early night.



We weren’t able to see our niece on this trip because she was graduating from university and had lots of parties to go to, but I’m very happy that we were able to see our nephew.  The day we left the house was a Thursday and apparently he had a wedding to go to in Scotland on that weekend so it was a good timing, but even so, it was so good of him to take a few extra days off work and join us before that.  I’m happy that we were able to spend a few days with my husband’s brother and his wife and also with our friends earlier in the week.  Scotland was a wonderful place with beautiful scenery.  Edinburgh is such a beautiful city and everyone was very friendly in shops and restaurants.  We had a wonderful 10 days or so in Scotland.





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