Ultimate Indian Vegetable Curry

夫が出張から戻って来たので、久しぶりの夕食の用意。今日は、Youtube の Jamie OliverのチャンネルでChetnaさんが紹介されているインドの野菜カレーを作ってみました。ところが、レシピの水の量を読み間違い、大量のお水を入れてしまって大慌て。煮詰めてなんとかなりました(汗)。

My husband came back from his business trip tonight so I cooked dinner after a few days of not cooking.  I decided to cook an Indian vegetable curry from Jamie Oliver’s Youtube Channel (Chena’s recipe), but I read the quantity of water wrongly and poured in a huge amount.  Oh no….!

I cooked it down and made it OK.  Phew!






My husband said it was very good, but to be honest, I feel curry with vegetables only doesn’t have enough depth.  It tastes much nicer if I use chicken stock instead of water…. but it was good enough.  It’s better for our health to eat some totally vegetarian meals now and again to reduce the amount of meat intake (or doesn’t chicken cause any health problems?)  Anyway, it tasted fine.

However, I thought it had too much quantity for the 4 people in the recipe – it would have fed 6 or 7 of me, and I used only about 2/3 of the recipe amount of cauliflower.  It was also very spicy, so I would reduce the amount of green chilli and also chilli powder (I added less today but it was still a little too spicy) than the recipe next time.








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