Sous Vide Pork Chops with Mixed Mushrooms

今日は、夫がまた Anova を使って、ポークチョップを作ってくれました。140℉(60℃)で45分。レシピを参考にしていますが、シェリー酒の代わりにマディラ酒を使ったりウスターソースは使わなかたり、少し変えています。

My husband cooked Pork Chop with Anova (Low Temperature Cooking Equipment).  45 minutes at 140F (60C).  He used this recipe but made some changes like using Madeira instead of Sherry and not using Worcester Sauce.


I thought cooking at low temperature will make the flesh tender, but it was quite tough.  Maybe that’s to do with the pork chop.  Still, it tasted very good and the mushroom sauce with Madeira was delicious.  He cooked roast potatoes and some broccolini to serve with the pork.








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