Lunch At Jamie’s Italian

今日は数人のお友達とランチとお買い物にご一緒しました。ランチは、フォーラムの Jamie’s Italianで。

I had lunch with a few friends today at Jamie’s Italian at Forum.


After not being to decide between their lunch set or a pasta, in the end, I decided to go for a pasta dish – Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce.  Again it took me a while to decide between small portion (60g pasta) and large portion (130g) but as I ate too much this weekend I ordered small one.  I wish there is something in between because 130 would have been too much but this was pretty small.  I remember I liked this sauce very much before but today it wasn’t the taste I remembered (but still tasted OK) and it was too salty.  In Singapore I often find this.  You like something in a restaurant but it’s quite different when you go back.  Basic taste is good but I cannot enjoy it when it’s so salty.




The others chose a 2 course lunch set.  One of them had Today’s Soup, which was beets and carrots to start with, then pizza for the main.  As my main was small, she gave me one of the pizza slices, telling me she cannot eat it all.





One of them had Caesar Salad to start with, then Penne Carbonara (no photo).  She said Penne tasted good but got tired of it halfway through.  That’s what I find, I tend to be able to enjoy a large quantity of long pasta but somehow get tired of short pasta quickly.



2 of them had pasta to start with (I cannot remember the sauce….).  They said that the pasta was overcooked but tasted good.  One of them had Steak & Frites.  The other had Fish Stew.





I think my pasta was a little less than S$18(++) and their lunch set was a little less than S$25(++).  As I said, my pasta tasted good but too salty (if it were a tiny bit more salty I would have asked them to change it, but it was just on the line I could manage to eat).  I think others thought theirs were OK.  The good thing is that the staff is always quite friendly.



We then went for shopping.  There was a specific thing I wanted to buy but they didn’t have it so I didn’t buy anything but I think others bought something or other.  It was fun to have lunch and do shopping together while we caught up with each other.



Jamie’s Italian – Forum Orchard
583 Orchard Road
249724 Singapore

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