Handmade Cards (Christmas Cards)

今日、お友達のLINEが乗っ取られて、例の「今、忙しい?」というメッセージがきました。そういう言葉遣いをする関係ではないので「他の人と間違ってるのかな?」と思いつつ、「どうしました?」とお返事したところ、ちょっと手伝ってほしいんだけど?」というメッセージ。これは絶対乗っ取りだなとわかりました。「コンビニで BitCashカードを買ってきてほしいんだけどいいかな?」ときたので、「嫌です」と返事をしたら騙せないのがわかったようで、それっきり。初めての経験です。調べて見ると、返事などせずすぐにブロックするべきだったようです。次回があったら、次回はそうします。

A friend of mine had her Line Application taken over by someone and I received some messages from someone who was pretending to be her.  First, the message said “Are you busy now?”.  In Japanese, we have some different way of finishing sentences depending on the relationship you have and it was written in a very casual way that I didn’t think she would use to me.  I was wondering if she thought she was sending the message to her daughter or closer friend but replied saying “What can I do for you?”  Then the message said “I’d like you to help me with something”, again in a very casual way, so I knew it wasn’t her.  It then said “Can you go to a convenient store and buy some BitCash card?”  I replied “No.”  I guess whoever knew I didn’t believe it was her and the message stopped.  I learned later that it would have been the best not to reply and just block the account not to let them steal any more information.  Next time I’ll do that – if there is next time.



2 friends came to make cards today, both of them made Christmas cards (first time for them).  It’s nearly the end of August and some of us are travelling in October and November, then everyone gets very busy in December, so it’s a good idea to start making them now.

お友達はわたしが数年前に作ったカードの写真を見ながら作られたのですが、元のデザインはわたしではなくブログから拝借しています。随分前なので元のデザインが載っているページを探すことができず定かではありませんが、最初の4枚のカードは Shari Carrol さん、後の4枚は Jennifer McGuire さんのカードを参考に作ったと思います。

These friends made their cards looking at the photos of the cards I made some years ago.  As it’s been some years I cannot find the cards I was inspired by but I think the first card design was inspired by Shari Carrol’s and the next card design was inspired by Jennifer McGuire’s card.  My apologies for not being able to link them to the originals.


One of them made these 4 cards – she used different ribbons and sparkles but basically they are all the same.  Very nice.






The other friend made these 4 cards.  Again they are all basically the same design with some different colours of inks etc.  The tree is sort of in the air – it’s hang with a clear thread.  While she was making them she was sighing and complaining that she didn’t realise how time consuming and how much work was involved to make them.  She was even saying something like “It’s painful…” because she was very tired and loosing concentration.  I didn’t think it was that bad but I suppose there is some fiddly process and it takes longer than you think – like many cards.


One problem, though, is that these are the cards I made quite a few years ago so it took us quite a long time to find all the stamps and dies for them.  I do have all the Christmas stuff in some boxes but I have so much of them.  I guess that tired her a lot even before starting making them.





Anyway, I’m so glad that she was able to complete them and she was very happy with what she made.






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