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久しぶりにお花のクラスがお友達とご一緒で、お友達も早く終わられたのでランチをご一緒しました。何度かお花のクラスではご一緒でしたがずっとお忙しく、わたしの旅行や夏休みも入ったのでランチは多分3、4ヶ月ぶり。お互いに便利なタングリンモールの Patara に行きました。お友達もわたしもここのオリーブライスと空心菜の炒め物が大好きなのでこの2つは決まっていたので、2人だと3品がちょうど良い感じということで、もう1品はチキンのラーブ(サラダ)にしました。

A friend I hadn’t seen for a while was also taking the flower class this morning and she finished early today so we had lunch together after the class.  We decided to go to Patara (Thai) in Tanglin Mall as it’s at a convenient place for both of us.  Both of us love their olive rice and morning glory so we always order these 2 dishes.  For 2 of us, 3 dishes is about right so there was only 1 more to choose and we had Mince Chicken salad – all very good and we enjoyed them.






I had a holiday in May/June and she was away a lot as well so we hadn’t had a chance to have lunch for 3 or 4 months, so there was a lot to talk about. It was good to catch up with each other.



Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
163 Tanglin Road
#03-14 Tanglin Mall, 247933

Tel: 6737 0818






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