Picnic At Home



In the evening I asked my husband what he was going to cook for dinner and he said “Oh, no, I forgot!”  He’s been concentrating on something he’s trying to do on his PC, he seems to have forgotten about our dinner.  There was still plenty of time to cook but I guess he didn’t feel like it, he went out to get a few things to have “Picnic at home”.  We had Parma Ham, salami, tomato, cucumber, 2 cheeses (Camembert and Blue Shropshire).  Salami was much too gamy for me and Blue Shropshire had gone far beyond the best time, it stings your tongue.  I guess there aren’t enough people to buy this sort of things in Singapore, we often have this problem of getting much-too-gamy salamis or way-past-the-best time cheese.












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