Bouquet From My Husband (Wedding Anniversary)



This is the bouquet of flowers my husband gave me for our wedding anniversary.  I guess many men are the same but my husband doesn’t know a lot about flowers and I guess he also thinks roses are the most romantic so he tends to buy a bouquet of all roses.  I do like some roses but those you get here in Singapore aren’t very beautiful in general (those in this bouquet are quite nice) so whenever I had an opportunity I gave my husband a message that I’m not very keen on roses and he finally bought a bouquet that is not all roses!  Yay!  (There are some extremely beautiful roses in Japan and also in Hong Kong, but not in Singapore.  Singapore is behind with flowers as well, I guess there isn’t a lot of demand for special flowers yet.)

As far as bouquets you can get in an ordinary flower shops in Singapore goes, this looks very nice.









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