Nutty Chicken Salad

土曜日はよく Nassim Hill Bakary でランチをしますが、この間行ったらメニューに新しいものが加わっていて、その中の「The Nutty Bird 」というのを夫がオーダーしておいしかったので、今日はそれに似たサラダを作ってみました。少し変えていますが、だいたいメニューに書かれているものを入れてみました。

We often have lunch at “Nassim Hill Bakery” on Saturdays.  The other day, they had a few new items on their menu and my husband ordered one of them – a salad “The Nutty Bird” and liked it very much so I tried to recreate it at home today.


I looked at their menu and found out what was in the salad (as I couldn’t remember it all).  Chicken breast (just cooked it in the way I often do with marinade), beets, sweet corn, butternut squash (roasted), mushroom (sauteed and flavoured with a little balsamic vinegar), raisins (they had used dry cranberries but I didn’t have any), salad leaves, almond slices, pumpkin seeds and buckwheat (all dry roasted).  I also added some roasted yellow pepper and fresh tomato.  Mushroom is sliced, corn as they are but the rest is cut in chunks.  Their dressing was very thick but I made mine much more runny – basil, garlic, vinegar, olive oil, salt & pepper.







They have salads called Cobb Salads in the US, which use small diced ingredients.  I personally don’t like them very much because they are cut quite small and all become one texture.  However, when you cut them in chunks like in this salad, you can still enjoy different textures.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to add mushrooms, but again I think it adds a different texture and enjoyed it.  I love nuts in salads, too.  I think this salad will become one of our regular salads.  The only problem is that when you use so many different ingredients even though I used only small amount of each the whole thing becomes quite large and it was very filling – and I still have quite a lot of ingredients left in the fridge.  This is our usual problem.  As we tend to cook different type of cuisine we end up wasting quite a lot of ingredients.  I do try to freeze what I can but it has a limit and not everything can be frozen well.

Anyway, the salad was a success.






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