Nanbantei (Kushiyaki)


My husband usually cooks on the weekend but he obviously didn’t feel like cooking today and suggested to go to Nanbantei for dinner.  We seem to go either to Jamie’s Italian or Nanbantei when we suddenly decide to go out for dinner.


We order mostly the same items every time.  Okura wrapped with pork, mini tomato wrapped with pork, ginko nut, pork with shiso leaves (my husband loves shiso so we order this but this pork is quite gamy to me, I haven’t had a problem with other meat here), edamame, shiitake, gyoza, sweet corn.  Then I had garlic rice and my husband had shiratama zensai (sweet beans with shiratama).




The bill was a little more than S$110.  I think it’s usually S$100 if I go there with a friend, between S$110 and S$120 if I go with my husband because my husband has more beer.  Anyway, it’s very inexpensive for Singapore.






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