One Of The Little Things That Make Me Happy


My husband has gone away on business so no dinner for me, I just had a sandwich.  I very seldom have a proper meal in the evening if my husband is away.


I’ve written about books many years ago, but I have always loved reading since I was very very small.  I used to spend almost all my pocket money on books when I was a child.  When my husband and I lived in Kobe, we used to go to a large bookshop and buy a large pile of books every Saturday, go home and enjoyed reading them on the weekend.


Since we moved to Hong Kong it became difficult for me to buy Japanese books so I started reading mainly English books as they were more easily available, then I started reading on Kindle but I was still buying cookery books from both Amazon UK and Amazon Japan.  However, our book shelves became full so I had been very good and hadn’t bought many cookery books for a year and a half – until the other day.


Here are the books I ordered recently – all cookery books except 2 guidebooks (South Africa as we are planning to go there next year and Vietnam).  Just looking at a stack of new books makes me so happy!







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