Steam Boat (At Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant In ION)

何年か前に日本に帰られたお友達が来星されているので、数人でランチをご一緒しました。IONの「Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant」の火鍋のリクエスト。お値段もリーズナブルですし、食べたいものだけ食べられてヘルシーだからでしょうか、周りのお友達にも火鍋を提案される方が多く最近火鍋を食べる機会が多いような気がします。

A friend who left Singapore a few years ago and is now living in Japan is visiting Singapore so we organised a steamboat lunch with a couple of other people at Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant in ION.  I seem to go to this restaurant quite often with my friends, many of them (and I also) like this because it’s inexpensive, you can eat what and however much you want to eat, and what we eat is quite healthy.


Today, we had 2 different soup bases – one is usual Healthy Chicken Soup and the other is Spicy Szechuan Soup.  Szechuan soup was spicy but not too extreme – you can see there isn’t so much Szechuan peppers.







We had Frozen Tofu, Silken Tofu, Vegetable Set, Pork, Dumplings, Yam…  we were full and it was S$41 per person.



It was lovely to catch up with each other over the lunch.  I’ll be seeing her again on Monday, which I’m looking forward to.



Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant
2 Orchard Turn,
#04-09/10 Ion Orchard
Singapore 238801

6636 9339




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