Pizzeria Mozza

昨日の夕食は、とても久しぶりにマリーナベイサンズの「Pizzeria Mozza」に行きました。相変わらず人気の様子で店内は賑やかで、必死で大きな声を出さないとお互いの声が聞こえないくらいでした。(お隣のお2人が帰られてからは普通に話せました。)

We went to “Pizzeria Mozza” at Marina Bay Sands.  As usual, it was very full and loud – very hard to hear each other’s voice and you have to shout to each other.  (It wasn’t bad once the 2 people next to us left.)



Their lighting is very low, I used very high ISO – 2500.  I think they could use a little brighter lightings, I find food tastes better when you can see what you are eating.



We shared 3 starters.  Arancini.



Asparagus, avocado, egg and almond salad.



Fried goat cheese and lentils.



For pizza, we chose the one with spicy salami, burrata cheese and red chilli but the salami was extremely salty and there was so much sauce as well that we found it too salty to enjoy.  When one of the staff asked us if we liked it, my husband hesitated to answer and the staff asked him to be honest. He told her it was much too salty for us and she offered to change it something else, so we took her offer.



We took the basic Marguerite and it was very nice.



For dessert, we shared gelato.  It came with 3 scoops so we chose pistachio, rum raisin and cookies & cream.  It was a huge portion for 1 person, we couldn’t finish it, but it was very good.




I’d been there for lunch sometime at the end of last year but I think it’s been a few years since I was there with my husband.  Their food is always good, we probably would go more often if it weren’t in Marina Bay Sands, I just don’t like to go there very much.  It was S$215 including a bottle of wine (S$85).


Pizzeria Mozza
10 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands, 248780

Tel: 6688 8522








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