Farewell Lunch


I had a farewell Lunch with a friend who is leaving for Japan for good tomorrow and our mutual friend today.  It’s been only 3 weeks since her husband received an official announcement of the relocation so she must’ve been very busy.  Sometime ago there was a restaurant she wanted to try that she hadn’t been to but having been out for meals often in the last 2 – 3 weeks she wanted something light and chose “Aura” in the National Gallery as they have a salad buffet.  This was my first time to be there.


You can see the Marina Bay Sands.





You get some focaccia.



I think there were about 10 different salads, which included one pasta dish and also slices of roast lamb.  Others were all vegetables or grains so I was able to eat everything except lamb.



I was surprised how small the plate was but I guess many buffets serve on small plates.  It’s a starter plate.  I did have a little bit of everything except lamb.





I wouldn’t say they were specially tasty but just OK and inexpensive.  My favourite was Coleslaw.  I did go back and took some Coleslaw, hummous and fritatta.



We got together with our husbands a couple of times with another couple so I was looking forward to having more of such gatherings with them.  It’s been less than a year since I first me her and she is already leaving!  This is the life of expats but I cannot really get used to it.  She loves travelling and actually enjoys even being on a plane so hopefully she will come and visit Singapore from Japan and we’ll keep in touch.



1 Saint Andrew’s Road
05-03 and 06-02 National Gallery
Singapore, 178957

Tel: 6866 1977



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