Handmade Card


My husband left for his business trip today and won’t be back until Friday.  I won’t be blogging my dinner today as it’ll be just fried rice.  My dinners when my husband is away are sandwiches, fried rice, simple pasta… maybe curry from our freezer.  I just don’t feel like cooking for myself


Two friends came to make cards today, this was the 2nd time for both of them.  One of them made these 2 cards that you colour with watercolour pencils.  Although colouring tends to take time, it’s fun and relaxing.  Both uses the same stamp (stamped and heat embossed with white) but they look very different because of the colours she chose for the backgrounds.




This one has stronger yellow colour on the background part but it didn’t photograph well.  This is for her mother, who loves Peranakan.



The other friend made 4 Christmas cards referring to the card my husband made a few years ago.  They don’t look very much like my husband’s but very cute.  The designs are all simple but the colours are bright and cheerful and they look very cute.


After the last time she made cards, she sent me a message saying she wanted to make many more next time.  I told her she probably cannot make that many because they take much longer than people tend to think they’ll take, but she said she would choose a very simple one to make.  She ended up making only 4 cards although she cut more pieces for embellishments and took them home so she can make more there.








These two friends didn’t know each other but, I think, we all enjoyed chatting while they made cards and we made an arrangement to have lunch together soon.  When you are making cards, you don’t feel the pressure that you have to fill in all the silence and talk all the time, so I think it’s a lovely way to make friends.

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