Chicken Schnizel With Salsa


My husband started going to the office yesterday so we are back to normal but I’m finding it hard to get into cooking as I hadn’t cooked nearly 2 weeks!

Today, I cooked Chicken Schnizel with salsa, one of my husband’s favourites.  I usually try to make the chicken breast very thin, but today I just halved each piece because I thought it looked nicer.  When I try to make it very thin I end up cutting it in a few pieces.  However, I realised that thinner pieces are much nicer, I guess because of the ratio of chicken and bread crumbs.






It rained so much today again.  I’m researching about Cape Town, where we are planning to have a holiday in October (we still have 10 months but I’m finding quite a few hotel rooms that I would have chosen are already fully booked and am getting pressured…), it seems that they are having a serious drought problem.  I wish we could send our rain to them.




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