Dinners In The Last Few Days And “Dry January”


My husband looks sad that Christmas is over.  I’m sure it’s still New Year mode in Japan but here there isn’t much going on for New Year.  It was the same in Hong Kong but at least Chinese New Year was a big thing there.  In Singapore Chinese New Year isn’t that big of a deal so not so much fun.  Still, we have a trip to look forward to in early Feb.


I haven’t been uploading dinners in the last few days, so I’ll do so here in one go.

旅行から戻った当日(先週木曜日)は、Forum の Jamie’s Italian に行きました。いざという時の Jamie’s (笑)。広いので予約が取りやすいですし、まぁまぁ安定しているので。

On the day we got back from Japan (Thursday last week), we went to Jamie’s Italian in The Forum.  They have many seats so it’s usually easy to book on the day and their quality is relatively stable.


We shared Buratta cheese and tomato starter.  Tomatoes were so so sour, I don’t think they need to use vinegar for dressing, the tomatoes make it sour enough.  Japanese tomatoes were so sweet….




Then we shared a pizza.  I think it was called Spicy American?  It was quite good.





We didn’t have any dessert, so this was it.



On the 29th (Friday), I already uploaded “Picnic At Home”.


On the following day, of course, my husband cooked wonderful Christmas Dinner.

Then on New Year’s Eve, we had Cheese Fondue.







We hadn’t planned any meals for the holiday after we got back.  On the 1st January, we decided to go to Nanbantei – another place you can usually book on the day.  As you can see we ordered the usual things but there is one item that we ordered for the first time and it’s Grilled Aubergine with Miso, which was really delicious.




And yesterday I cooked Chilli Con Carni.










So, I’ve been cooking “no brainers” again.  I have so many cookery books, I really should try different dishes!



Oh, we are doing “Dry January” this year again – I think this is the 3rd year.  I think this is something they are promoting in England.  I don’t think we (or at least I) drink so much in December as we don’t get together with friends day after day, but this year we did drink quite a lot while we were in Japan for 5 days so perhaps it’s a good thing.  My husband has a good reason to decline alcohol while he is at End of Year parties (end of Chinese New Year).



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