Steak Cooked With Anova (Sous Vide) & A New Gadget


(I thought I published this but it looks like it was still in the draft and I hadn’t.  This is the dinner my husband cooked last Saturday.)


Today’s dinner my husband cooked was steak using Anova (Sous Vide).  It’s been a while since we used it.  This time we bought US Sirloin.







I thought Sirloin is supposed to be tender but this was quite tough, but it tasted very good.  The sauce was mushroom, red wine & cream sauce, which was also delicious.  He served it with broccoli and potato dauphinoise.  I did give some help with the potato but the rest was cooked by my husband.


Although the steak tasted very good, we liked Rib Eye (US) better.  We’ve tried a few different cuts and one from Australia but it seems like we like US Rib Eye best.  We would like Japanese but not it’s prices…


Incidentally, we bought this new gadget – a Girolle.  It’s a dedicated gadget for use the cheese “Tete de Moine.”

今日はステーキを買うために Huber’s に行ったのでついでにチーズも見て買ったチーズの1つが「テット・ド・モアンヌ」で、「これを削るためのものがほしいんだけど、ネット検索トルしたら結構高くてね。」と夫に言っていてふと近くの棚を見たらそれらしきものが!しかも、ネットで見つけたものの値段よりずっと安い!ということで、買っちゃいました。

We went to Huber’s today to buy steak and bought some cheese including Tete de Moine, and I was telling my husband, “I want one of those gadgets you use for shaving this cheese, I searched online but they are quite expensive and you can use it only for this cheese, so…” then I saw boxes of them on a nearby shelf!  The price was much less than those I found online, too, so we had to get it.







We enjoyed Tete de Moine but it is quite strong you cannot eat a lot and it’s quite a large piece.  I need some friends to come and help me.





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