Copper Dishes For Indian Food

インドで買ったものの中で一番買えて嬉しかったのが、India Trip Day 12 / Market Tour In Delhi にも書いたインドのカレーなどを入れる器でした。ジャイプールの Peacock Rooftop Restaurant で食事をした時に使われていた銅の器というかお鍋というか、が素敵だったのでエージェントの方にどこで買えるか聞いてみたところ、家庭ではそういうものは使わないので特殊なお店に行かなくてはいけないとそういうお店を見つけてはくださったのですが、そこに行く前にお料理教室でマーケットに行ったときに、スパイスのお店の向かい側のお店で足らなくなりそうだったティッシュを買っているときに、偶然棚に見つけて大興奮。

Out of what we bought in India, the things I love most are the copper dishes (pots?) that we bought in Delhi.   We liked the copper dishes they used in Peacock Rooftop Restaurant when we had dinner and asked our travel agent if he knew where we could buy them.  He told us that people don’t use these at home so we need to find a specialist shop, which he did find in Delhi.  However, before we went to that shop, I saw them in the shop opposite the spice shop we went on our market tour of the cooking class we took in Delhi when my husband was buying some tissue (as we had a cold we thought we may run out).  I got so excited specially because they weren’t as expensive as we expected.


I don’t know if they are exactly the same ones as those we saw in Peacock Rooftop restaurant, but they look the same to me.  They were between 1,000 yen and 2,000 yen each – each differently priced, which seems very inexpensive but the cooking class teacher negotiated for us and we had some discount from there.  I guess they are inexpensive because they are not the same sort of quality as those expensive ones we see in kitchen shops but I don’t really care, as long as they are safe for food, I’m happy, since all we will use them for is on the dining table as pots and dishes for curries.  The only thing is that they seem much larger than those in the restaurant…


In India, I wonder if they flavour their food with lots of spices and seasoning and eat it with lots of rice or bread, so they don’t need large dishes (since they don’t eat a lot of curries or whatever you used these for).  When I cook Indian food I don’t use as much chillis or salt as they do and we eat more of them, so maybe larger is OK… We’ll see as I’ll be using some tonight.


Anyway, I’m very happy we got them!



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