Indian Dinner


I hadn’t cooked Indian food since a while before we left for India thinking we shouldn’t eat it in case we get fed up with Indian food in India, so it’s been quite a while since I cooked an Indian meal.  I cooked a few Indian recipes today for dinner.  Not the usual Keema curry and Daal.  I cooked the Okra curry we learned at the cooking class in Delhi, yellow lentil daal that the same cooking teacher gave me the recipe for, Potato & Tomato Chaat (I tried to make something similar to the one we had at the restaurant we had the best meal in India).  I also made Chapati.


So I finally used the copper pots/dishes we bought in Delhi.  I was worried they might be too big but they were fine.




I made chapati with a help of my husband.  I don’t know why but my chapati doesn’t become round shape, it’s almost always squarish.  My husband isn’t much better either.  I wonder what the secret is!  They didn’t puff up all the way like they did at the cooking class but they still tasted fine.



Okra curry.  No gravy, it’s almost like stir-fry (then sort of steam fry with a lid on).  All you do is to stuff them with some salt and spices, stir-fry with cumin seeds, put the lid on and let it cook all the way.  It was more spicy than what we had at the cooking class, so I need to reduce the amount of chilli pepper next time.



Potato & Tomato Chaat.  I used lemon juice, masala chaat (bought in a store), mango powder, red onion, salt and coriander leaves.  The potatoes were a little too soft – I should use different type of potatoes – but they tasted quite good – similar to what I remember.



Yellow Lentil Daal.  The cooking class teacher in Delhi kindly gave me the recipe.  I usually use red lentils for Daal.  The recipe is quite similar except it uses tomato puree – I usually use tamarind but I wonder if the tomato puree adds some acidity in a similar way to tamarind.





I made a mistake or two but all in all the results were not too bad.  They are all quite easy recipes, but I must say  that I got so hot trying to finish everything around the same time so I could serve everything hot.

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