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My husband run a half marathon this morning and he had to leave home at 3.00am, so he went to bed soon after dinner last night.  I didn’t want to go in bed and wake him up just a couple of hours before he had to get up, so I decided to make cards from midnight.  After seeing him off at 3.00am, I kept working on the cards because it was too much fun to stop then and finally finished them after 6.00am.  I didn’t look at the time when I started making them, but I’m guessing it was around 1.00am so I think it took me about 5 hours to make 4 of these cards.

今回も Jennifer McGuire さんのカードです。ちょっと珍しい折り方をしたカードで、最近流行りのマーメイドがモチーフ。波形に切った紙を何枚も重ねて行くので時間がかかりるカードでしたが、作っていて楽しかったです。そして、出来上がりも写真やビデオ以上に可愛くて、特にお気に入りのカードになりました。

I followed a video of Jennifer McGuire.  They fold in an unusual way and with a mermaid stamp – mermaids have been very popular in the last couple of years.   You need layers of paper cut in wave-like edges and takes a while to complete but I found the process fun and the finished cards are even nicer in real life.  I think these might be my favourite cards I made.

写真ではわかりませんが、マーメーイドは Distress Oxide Ink で塗った後、パーフェクトパール入りのお水をスプレーしているのでパールのようなツヤ感があります。波形に切ったペーパーは2種類のブルーとヴェラムというトレーシングペーパーの分厚いような半透明のペーパーを使っているので質感が加わって素敵です。とてもきれいで可愛いカードになりました。

You cannot see it but the mermaids are coloured in Distress Oxide Ink and then sprayed with water with perfect pearl so they have pearly shine.  The wave-like edged paper is 2 different blue and also vellum.  They add lovely texture.  They are so pretty and cute.











I even took a video with my husband’s help.


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