Nanbantei (At China Point)


As my husband was too tired to cook dinner after running a half marathon this morning, he suggested we go to Nanbantei for dinner.  We usually go to the one in Far East Plaza as it’s not far from us, but it was already fully booked when we thought about going so we went to their China Point outlet.  It’s in a shopping mall and has no door so it has that particular atmosphere most restaurants in shopping malls have and there were a few things that I didn’t like – the shisomaki was strongly gamy, I couldn’t eat it, and ginko nuts had that particular smell of food frozen too long.  I guess their ingredients are the same in both of the restaurants so maybe it just happened that way today, or it can also be because they don’t grill enough (I thought some of them needed longer grilling).  We liked the Far East Plaza outlet better anyway.


We had Gyoza, Tomato-maki (pork rolled around petit tomato), Shisomaki (pork with shiso), ginko nut, minced chicken ball, Pork belly with Yuzu Kosho, garlic rice, Zenzai (Adzuki bean dessert), 3 small bottles of beer – S$98, every inexpensive.



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