Sausages & Yorkshire Pudding


Both in Japan and Hong Kong, we used to have a roast dinner on some Sundays (roast pork or beef with roast potato, vegetables and gravy), but since we moved to Singapore we stopped having it partly because it’s so hot here and the kitchen gets hot and also it’s hard to get good pork or beef.  I still sometimes crave for – not meat but Yorkshire pudding.

そこで、ソーセージとヨークシャープディングを作ることにしました。普通はソーセージを焼いたところにヨークシャープディングの生地を流して焼いて、Toad In The Hole というものを作りますが、ヨークシャープディングは別に焼いた方が好きなのでそうしてみました。

So I decided to cook sausages and Yorkshire pudding.  Usually people have Toad In The Hole but I prefer Yorkshire pudding cooked separately as it’s lighter.


However, sadly, it didn’t puff up as much as it should have.  This happened a few months before.  I don’t know why it always worked in Japan and Hong Kong and not here.


After thinking it over, I think it’s because the oven temperature isn’t hot enough when I first put the batter in.  I put sausages and potatoes at the same time as Yorkshire pudding in the oven because they all take about the same time to cook, and the sausages and potato would drop the temperature of the oven down.  When we make a roast dinner, usually a piece of pork or beef would be in the oven before the Yorkshire pudding goes in, often the meat would come out at the same time as Yorkshire pudding would go in so it can rest before we carve it.  That’s the only reason I can think of.  It wasn’t as bad as we couldn’t enjoy it, outside was quite good, but the middle part was a little stodgy.  Next time I would put the sausages and potatoes in and wait until the temperature comes back before putting in the Yorkshire pudding.







I wasn’t able to find fresh British sausages so I bought three different  kinds: “Farm Pork Sausage”, “French Touluse Sausage” and “Italian Salsiccia Sausages”.  I also prepared sauteed and caramelised oinon slices, roast potato, boiled Brussels sprouts, boiled carrots and gravy.


Shame about the Yorkshire pudding but we enjoyed it anyway – we don’t often have a very English meal.




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