So France

今日は、お友達3人とランチをご一緒しました。Duo Galleria という新しいビルにあるビストロの「So France」に行ってみました。

I had lunch at a Bistro called So France in a new building “Duo Galleria” with a few friends today.


Apparently, the building itself was newly opened so the bistro is also very new, so it seemed like all the staff were a bit  amateur and didn’t know what to do with anything.  The lady who brought us the menu didn’t know what today’s soup was, she didn’t tell us the items that were out of stock (well, we were there when it opened so I guess they just decided not to cook these items) until we decided what to order.  The bottle of sparkling water we asked for was not chilled at all.  Etc. etc.


We all ordered the set lunch.  For the starter I chose Lentil Salad With Beef Cheek.  Does this look like a salad?  It looked like soup to me and it was soup when I ate it.  It was slightly warm lentil soup topped with chopped beef cheek stew.  I suppose there isn’t a clear definition for salads and if someone wants to call this a salad I cannot really argue, but the texture was soup to me rather than a salad.  I didn’t complain to them as it tasted good but what I really wanted was a salad (specially because I’m doing soup with lentils today for dinner…).


The others had Octopus Salad.  They were saying the octopus was cooked too long so had gone tough.  They were expecting an ordinary octopus but they were those tiny ones.



For the mains, one of them chose Chicken Roulade with some cream sauce – she said it tasted good but she felt she’d had enough after a little.



Myself and the others ordered steak.  The other 2 finished it so maybe they enjoyed it enough.  To me, it wasn’t gamy but it didn’t have much taste so I couldn’t really enjoy it and I left about 2/3.  I think they cooked it without seasoning it well and just poured the sauce over.  It was also overcooked – I asked for medium but it was well-done. I guess I shouldn’t have expected a lot because it is very inexpensive lunch set.  I probably could have enjoyed it more if it was seasoned well. The potato was greasy, too, so I didn’t really enjoy it at all.





I searched for the bistro online after I came back, and it looks like it has good reviews by some.  For me, it wasn’t good enough to want to go back.  It was inexpensive, though – S$27 per person.


We then moved to the building next to it and had tea in the cafe on the lobby floor of a new hotel “Andaz”.  Being a hotel, they don’t close the cafe in the middle of the day so we were able to enjoy chatting without worrying about the time.  The view wasn’t so good from the cafe but it looked very good from the bar side.





So France
7 Fraser Street
Duo Galleria #01-51/56
Singapore 189356
Bugis MRT




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