Ginza Bairin (Tonkatsu) Again By Deliveroo


Last night, when we were having dinner, one of the things we talked about was Deliveroo and my husband suggested to try Ginza Bairin’s Tonkatsu again.  I had no objection specially because I was out for lunch and it’s great not to have to worry about dinner.





It was very good today, again.  Very crispy breadcrumbs.



The portion for each order is quite big to us.  Last time my husband ordered the 4 piece set but he left 1 of them, and I ordered the 3 piece set and I also left 1 piece, so this time we both ordered 3 pieces set (as they don’t have a 2 piece set).

I gave him the set that had 2 large pieces and 1 medium size piece; mine was 1 small, 1 medium and 1 large size.  We ended up sharing the small one of my husband’s and leaving 1 large piece of mine for my husband to take for lunch tomorrow (as a sandwich).

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