La Strada (Newly Renovated)


It seems to rain a lot these days even though it’s not supposed to be the rainy season.  The rainy seasons here are supposed to be from November until March and from June until September.  I think it rains around the same time for days once it starts and it’s been raining often from around this time.


I had lunch with a friend today.  She asked me if I was OK to go out when our nephew and his girlfriend are staying with us – it’s totally OK, I’m pretty sure they’d rather be on their own most of the time.  It’s lovely to spend the evenings together but they have things to do or want to relax during the day.

ランチの場所は、ショーセンターの La Strada。最近リノベーションをされたそうです。中の写真も撮ればよかったのですが、忘れていました。カメラを持っていくのも今日も忘れて、携帯写真です。

We tried La Strada, which apparently has just been renovated.  I should have taken some photos of inside but as usual I forgot.  I also forgot to take my camera again.


My friend had Burrata cheese and tomato salad.



I had a plate of mixed antipasto.  It wasn’t too big, just about the right portion and I enjoyed it.



For the main, my friend had seafood pasta and she said it was good.



I had risotto of preserved lemon and asparagus.  It would have come with Bottarga but I asked them not to put that on.  The asparagus being white was a nice surprise.  To be honest, I wasn’t able to taste the asparagus much because the preserved lemon was quite strong but I liked the texture of the asparagus and enjoyed the aroma of the preserved lemon.  It was quite light risotto unlike the traditional creamy one, but I enjoyed it.



For dessert, my friend had Panna Cotta made with goat’s milk.  She isn’t too keen on goat cheese so she asked the staff if the flavour of goat’s milk is strong and was told it wasn’t strong at all.  However, it did taste clearly “goaty”.  I tried a little and thought it was mild but still unmistakably goat’s milk flavoured.  I think my friend found it too strong at first but as she ate it she got used to it and started to enjoy it, which was good.



I had Pistachio gelato.  After having a few mouthfuls, inside of my throat started to get itchy.  I seem to react to certain dairy products like Haagen-Dazs ice cream and some cheese.  I think I react to some sort of additives but I don’t know what exactly.  Anyway, I had to stop having it for this reason.



Some Japanese ladies sat next to our table and I saw another group at another table.  It’s not a big restaurant but this isn’t unusual.  Such a thing seldom happened in Hong Kong but here it seems to happen so often, I guess it’s just that Singapore is so small.


We chatted about lots of things but the last thing we talked about was how we forget things easily and how often we make the sort of mistakes that we cannot understand how we made them.  She is much younger than me but above a certain age it does happen.  I pray that I won’t make a serious mistake that can cause a big problem to my friends or other people.


She is away from Singapore often and is going away for a little while soon, so I’m glad we caught up with each other before she leaves.


We shared a bottle of sparkling water and had their lunch set (with tea or coffee) and it was about S$53 per person.  A large part of the menu was fish or seafood and I thought it was quite a modern menu rather than traditional (like using preserved lemon in risotto or Gorgonzola for a dessert).  I enjoyed what I had.

La Strada
1 Scotts Rd, #01-13 Shaw Centre
Singapore 228208
Tel:6735 6656

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