I didn’t feel like cooking dinner because of a certain incident (I don’t think this happened many times in the 30 years of our married life, maybe a few times?) and asked if my husband minded going out for dinner.  He said it was OK and suggested Nanbantei – where we went.  We were there only 3 weeks ago…


2 Goyoza, tomato rolled with pork, pork rolled with shiso, okra rolled with pork, ginko nut, sweet corn and avocado rolls (avocado rolls aren’t in the menu but we had it when we ordered a vegetable course last time so asked them if they could make it for us).  A little less than we usually order, I think, and it was S$100 for two including 3 bottles of beer.


We saw a small group of Japanese business men, which is very unusual here.




14 Scotts Road #05-132,
Far East Plaza





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