Middle-Eastern Dinner


Today’s dinner was Middle-Eastern.  There was a time when I used to cook this type of food all the time but I guess I got a little tired of them and haven’t been cooking them so often in the last few years.  I seem to crave for Thai or Indian here, probably because it’s always so hot.  This Middle-Eastern style food that I cook is quite light so I think it’s suitable in the hot weather but I guess it’s just that I made it too often.



I don’t like lamb so I use beef, but the main dish is something like kebab.  Other dishes are mosaic salad of tomato, cucumber, pepper etc with lots of coriander leaves, mint and lemon juice.  Green beans in tomato sauce is also very popular among my friends.  The last dish is aubergine in Moroccan style.  There was a Moroccan restaurant called “Marrakesh” when we lived in Kobe decades ago and I used to love their aubergine with some exotic spices so I tried to make something similar.  I was a little worried about the taste as while I was cooking I was feeling a bit sick and my taste buds weren’t great at the time, but it just needed a little more seasoning so it was all OK.


The flowers from my friend are looking beautiful, the purple flowers (delphiniums) are opening up.













My husband said “You haven’t cooked these dishes for a long time, I missed them!”  I don’t think he ever requested these but he says he just forgets them but loves them.  Happy to know that!









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