Dinner On The 2nd Day At Ceylon Tea Trails


On the 2nd day at Ceylon Tea Trails, we joined the Tea Experience from about 10.15am until lunch time then had lunch, then cooking class from 3.00pm until 4.00pm.  The rest of the time we spent at the lounge and/or on the patio of our cottage.


The dinner was what the chef cooked for us at the cooking class (chicken curry, cashew nut curry, daal, tempered green beans, coconut sambal) and 2 extra (cabbage curry and okra curry).  We thought there was more character in each curry than what we had on our 1st day and this made them  more enjoyable.  Coconut sambal gave some oomph with spicy and tangy flavour, cashew nut curry was sweeter than others and chicken curry had a particular acidity.





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