Lunch At Ceylon Tea Trails (3rd Day)


I didn’t blog about Sri Lanka yesterday but there are still a couple more things I want to cover about Ceylon Tea Trails.

3日目のランチは、宿泊した Dunkeld Bungalow から近い Castlereagh Bungalow にジープで送っていただき、ランチをいただきました。セイロン・ティー・トレイルズは英国植民地時代の建物なので、どこも室内は英国風です。

We took lunch on our third Tea Trails day at Castlereagh Bungalow, which was the closest of the other bungalows to our own at Dunkeld Bungalow.  As the bungalows were built while Sri Lanka was a British colony the interior of these bungalows are all very British.











Starter was Asparagus soup.  Although the colour is beautiful green, we didn’t think it tasted much of asparagus, it tasted mostly of cream.



The main dish was pasta with tomato sauce.  Though the pasta was a little overcooked for me, the tomato sauce tasted very nice and we enjoyed it until the last bite.



Banana & Chocolate spring roll.  It wasn’t greasy at all, very nice.




This was all we did during the day of our 3rd day, we spent the rest of our day in our cottage doing nothing much other than reading.  We would have liked to visit Kandy or Nuwaraeria but it would have taken a couple of hours one way so we gave up the idea.  My husband wanted to spend a whole day reading and I was happy with that, too.  It rained on and off often but it didn’t spoil the beautiful view of the tea fields and the lake.  It was lovely and relaxing.




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