Soup & Salad


Today is the last day in July, it’ll be August tomorrow, more than a half of the year is gone.  Recently I often find that something that I feel happened just a few weeks ago actually happened a half year ago!  So scary!!


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.





Soup was Minestrone.  I haven’t made it often in the last couple of years because I made it too often for many years until then.  I like the taste better when I cook everything for quite a while before adding potato and kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), it seems to get stronger sweeter taste.  I just used vegetable stock powder and water today rather than chicken stock.  I added a little miso and some freshly grated Parmesan cheese in the end to add a little depth.  Its good for a few days, you can add pasta or rice or on its own.  My husband sometimes takes it to the office for lunch.




Salad was Lentil, beet & goat cheese salad as I bought some beets a little while ago and wanted to use it.  I added some cumin powder.  I also had an avocado and it was, I thought, just ripe so I used it as well – but actually it didn’t have much taste, this happens a lot in Singapore.  If you use a lot of goat cheese it becomes more filling but we had soup today before the salad so just a few thin slices.




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