Il Cielo (Hilton Hotel)


It seems we haven’t had much rain for a little while, which is unusual in Singapore.  I guess that’s why it seems to be quite hot.  I take taxies everywhere so I don’t always notice the change so much but I have noticed that the air conditioning hasn’t been working so well at home, so it must be hot.

お友達お2人と、ヒルトンホテルの Il Cielo でランチをご一緒しました。わたしは、3回目くらいでしょうか?美味しいと思ったり、まぁまぁかな、と思ったり。3コースのランチセットにしました。

I had lunch with a couple of friends in Il Cielo in the Hilton Hotel.  This is my 3rd or 4th time to have lunch here.  Sometimes quite good, sometimes so so.


We all  chose Cauliflower Soup for a starter.  It needed seasoning.  It’s better to be that way rather than too salty, but it really lacked flavour.  Also I prefer soup to have more pureed vegetables than this, it was more like cream soup than cauliflower soup to me.



For the main, we all chose Beef Rib.  I’ve had beef rib that had strong smell and that I couldn’t eat in Singapore but this one didn’t have any unpleasant smell.  It was very tender, the sauce was very tasty and I enjoyed it.



I had mango brulee for dessert.



One of my friends chose cheese for dessert.




We were there chatting, catching up, laughing until we were told they were closing.  In Singapore they seem to close very early, they gave us the bill around 2.30 and then they closed around 3.00.

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