Soup & Salad


スープは、Jamie Oliver の Costa Rican Black Bean Soupを少しアレンジしたもの。わたしは、半分くらいをフードプロセッサーにかけて半分潰れた感じにしています。ブラックビーンズがたくさん入っていてお肉がなくても食べ応えがあります。お野菜もたくさん入っているので、体に良さそう。



We had a large portion of pork yesterday, so today’s dinner was soup and salad.  Soup was Jamie Oliver’s “Costa Rican Black Bean Soup“.  I like this soup, it’s vegetarian but very meaty because of the black beans and has a lot of vegetables in it as well so hopefully good for you.  I put about a half of it in a food processor and let it get smashed.  Salad was “kitchen sink salad” – lettuce, onion, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, yellow pepper, avocado, chick pea, choriso & boiled egg.  I wasn’t hungry, I thought, but I ended up eating as always.

The colour of the table napkin looks very bright but it’s actually very dark Bordeaux colour.






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