Dabbawalla (Indian)

今日のディナーは、ロバートソンキーのDabbawalla に行ってみました。インド旅行の記事の1つに書きましたが、Dabbawalla というのは主にムンバイでランチボックスを配達している人たちのこと。ムンバイのストリートフードも食べられるということで少し前に行ってみようかと思ったのですが、ドアがないお店でクーラーもなさそうで暑そうだったのでその時は断念しました。先週 P.O.D. Mozzarella Bar に行ったときに斜め前にあったのを見て思い出し、最近は夜は涼しいことが多いので行ってみることに。今日は午後に大雨が降っていて涼しかったので、外席も問題なしでした。

We tried “Dabbawalla” in Robertson Quay today.  As I wrote in one of the blog posts about our trip to India, Dabbawalla are the people who deliver lunch boxes mainly in Mumbai.  As I heard this place served Mumbai street food as well, I was interested in trying them sometime ago but there is no door between outside and inside and it didn’t look there was any aircon so I gave up the idea of trying.  Last Friday when we had dinner at D.O.P. Mozzarella Bar we saw this place across the street.  As it’s often cooler in the evening now we decided to try it.  It rained a lot this afternoon and it was quite cool so I had no problem with sitting outside.


Papdi Chaatというストリートフード。カリカリするベースにマッシュポテト系のものがのっていて上からまたカリカリするものをかけてあり、3種類のソースがかけられています。甘くて酸っぱくてスパイシーでカリカリで冷たい、ちょっと不思議な食べ物です。おやつっぽい感じですね。

Papdi Chaat.  There is something like mashed potato on a piece of crispy base and some crispy bits on top then 3 different sauces are poured.  It’s sweet, sour, spicy, crispy and cold, quite unusual type of food.  I think it’s more like a snack than a meal.



Onion Bhajis.



Chicken Jalfrezi.  It said sweet and spicy but it was mainly sour with chilli powder flavour.



Hyderabadi Aubergine flavoured with peanuts and coconut milk.  I thought some of the peanuts had gone rancid.



Garlic naan.  I liked their naan, soft, slightly chewy.



White steamed rice.



With 1 bottle of sparkling water and 3 bottles of beer, it was S$146, which is almost as much as it cost for 4 of us in Mustard!  Almost double…!  I guess it’s to do with the location.  It was OK for a change but food-wise, Mustard is a lot better and cheaper.  Curry here didn’t have much depth.

Robertson Quay
Unit 10/11, 60 Robertson quay
Singapore 229457

Tel: 6235 6134

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