Bouquet From My Husband & Anniversary Present

昨日は月曜日で夫はお仕事だったので、夜、Jaan が入っているホテルで待ち合わせたのですが、花束を持って待っていてくれました。ラッピングがついた状態で写真を撮りたかったのですが夜でしたので。

As it was Monday and my husband was working during the day, we met at Swissotel, where Jaan is, and he was waiting for me with a bouquet of flowers.  I wish I was able to take a photo with the wrapping but it was already dark so I gave up.


いつもわたしがお花のレッスンで作っている花束をご覧になっていれば、この花束については色々言いたいことがあるのもお分かりかと思いますが(笑)、言いますまい。シンガポールは素敵なお花やさんがほとんどありませんからね〜。それに、夫はあまりお花に詳しくなく、わたしが赤いバラ(バラにも色々あって好きなのもあります)を好まないことはよくわかってくれていますが(度々伝えていますので 笑)他に何を選べば良いかわからないようです。それに、ここのお花屋さんではほぼチョイスがありませんしね。気持ちだけで嬉しい。

If you have been seeing the bouquets I make at flower classes I think you can guess what I would say about this bouquet – but I shouldn’t.  There aren’t many (or any?) flower shops, where you can pick up a beautiful bouquet that I would love.  My husband knows very well that I don’t like red roses (I’ve told him enough times) (there are some roses I like but in general I don’t like the roses that you see in flower shops in Singapore) but he doesn’t know a lot about flowers and I think red roses are all he can come up with.  And probably that’s all you can get for a special occasion in most flower shops here.  Anyway, it’s his thought that counts!


He was saying how funny it was that nobody usually looks at him when he is walking around but so many people were looking at him when he was carrying the bouquet and some even said “lovely flowers!”.  It’s true, it’s hard not to notice someone walking with a bouquet of flowers with wrapping.


The 30th wedding anniversary is traditionally the Pearl Wedding so my husband wanted to buy something with a pearl (or pearls) for me.  We did look in a couple of brand shops in Orchard, but I have many beautiful pearl necklaces, pendant tops and rings already because I had a friend who was running a pearl business in Kobe.  Nothing we saw was nicer than what I already have.  I did see some watches that I love but I cannot wear jewellery or watches here in Singapore because it’s so hot and my skin is very sensitive.  I just didn’t see anything I really wanted.  I do like diamonds and pearls but I’m not like the majority of ladies, who really love jewellery, I never have been.   Especially at my age, I wonder how much use I would have if we buy a very expensive piece of jewellery now.  If we are going to spend that much money, I feel I’d rather go on a holiday and stay in the hotels that we usually feel we cannot afford.  I’ll ask him to buy it if I come across with something I love rather than forcing myself to choose something now.

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