Stir-Fried Mince Pork & Sunny Side Up


Today’s dinner was Thai – Stir-fried mince pork with basil.  Only a few ingredients, not much preparation and it’s very satisfying as a meal without adding any other dishes so it’s one of my favourite Thai dishes to cook.  I’m told it’s served with sunny-side-up in the street of Thailand so that’s how I serve it when it’s not a part of a larger meal.


I basically follow the recipe I learned at a cooking class in Hong Kong but the sauce recipe is very varied depending on the restaurant (eatery), the family, the person.  People use different combinations of seasonings and different amounts of each.  Although I usually use the same number of fresh chillis, I guess each chilli has different spiciness and also how much you heat it up makes a difference.  It’s not satisfying if it’s too mild but if it’s too spicy you we cannot enjoy it so I find it hard to get the spiciness right.  Also, the recipe for the sauce has a little range of the amount of some of the seasonings so I don’t always get it right.  I like it sweet, salty and spicy and quite strong so it has an impact even when you have it with rice.


You are supposed to use a special type of basil called Holy Basil, which is the name of the dish in Thai.  However, holy basil is not widely available and we have to go quite far just for that here, so these days I just use either Thai basil or sweet basil even though it’s not right.  I think it’s still delicious.  It’s not as if we’ve been eating it since we were little so it doesn’t seem matter too much.  We can probably enjoy it even without basil.


I was happy that it came out just how I like in terms of spicyness, saltyness and sweetness.  I’ve made quite a few so-so meals recently so I was happy this was delicious.







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