Riz Labo Kitchen- Fluffy Pancake

気になっていた「Riz Labo Kitchen」のふわふわパンケーキ、10月下旬くらいまでのポップアップということなのでオープンしている間に行ってみました。午後から行くと混んでいるかもと思いランチに行きましたが、空いていました。桃のパンケーキを食べる気満々だったのに、木曜日で終わってしまったそう(涙)。来月からまた違うスペシャルになるそうですが、今日は定番メニューのみ。桃はフレッシュではなかったので、ま、いいか、という程度のがっかりさでしたが、気を取り直してプレーンを夫とシェアー。

We went to have fluffy pancake at Riz Labo Kitchen (a pop up from Japan) for lunch today.  Apparently they are there only until sometime in October so we felt we should go before our holiday.  I thought it may have a queue if we go in the afternoon so we went there around lunch time but it wasn’t so busy.  I was looking forward to having Peach Pancake but we were told they finished them on Thursday and a new special one will be available in October.  Sad – but not too sad because it wasn’t going to have fresh peaches (they would have been compote).  We ordered plain pancakes and shared it between two of us.





Ummm, I’ve seen many people writing that they love it so I guess it’s just not to our taste, we thought they seemed not fully cooked (probably are, but had the texture of not fully cooked) and also tasted half-cooked.  We were glad we didn’t order 1 each, which we did think about doing.  Anyway, I’m happy that we tried it before they closed.



Riz Labo Kitchen
435 Orchard Road
Level 4 Wisma Atria
Singapore 238877




We were still hungry so we had Sobameshi (ordered 1 and shared) in Osaka Kitchen.  Good as always.  They weren’t busy at all, I guess they aren’t on Sunday at lunch time.





Osaka Kitchen
435 Orchard Road
Wisma Atria #04-46
Singapore, 238877

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