Jamie’s Italian


I have a feeling we go to Jamie’s Italian one Sunday a month.  My husband ran the Straits Times 10km race this morning and wanted to have a rest from cooking.  I think he runs 10km even on an ordinary weekend – not that I mind going out.  So we went to Jamie’s Italian at Forum for dinner.



It took us a while before deciding what to have for a starter – we shared Superfood Salad.  It has lentils, quinoa, chick pea, avocado, broccolini etc.  The red sauce is harissa so it has a bit of a kick.  The dressing is very vinegary – but I don’t like very sour food so much so maybe it’s just me.  I got used to it after a while, though.  I think it would be nicer with a little more avocado & broccolini and less lentils and quinoa.



For the main, my husband had Oxtail Lasagna.  Although it says “bechamel sauce” on the menu, there is very very little amount of it, but so much tomato sauce.



I was going to order Vegetable Burger – but they were out.  Why wouldn’t the waiter/waitress tell you that something is out when they give you a menu in Singapore?  Always after we order.  It’s not so bad when I have 2 things I like and decide on one as it’s easy to switch but I find it so disappointing when my mind is on one.  I just couldn’t find anything I wanted instead for a long time.


In the end, I decided to take Pizza (Margherita).  I knew it was going to be too big but I decided we could take the left-over home.  I had 2 pieces, which was just the right amount, my husband will take 2 pieces to the office for his lunch and I’ll have the other 2 for lunch tomorrow.



We had a bottle of sparkling water and a carafe of red wine and the bill was S$200.  Wow!  It seems very expensive for what it is.  We usually pay about S$150-S$160 but I guess each item was expensive today – and no dessert.  I think it would have been less than 10,000 (S$120) yen in Japan – but this is Singapore.

Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Road
#01-01/04 Forum Shopping Mall
Singapore 23884

Tel: 66557676

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