Taste Paradise (Dim Sum)

とても久しぶりにお目にかかるお友達とキャッチアップのランチをご一緒しました。が、急に決まったこともあり、2人とも行きたいお店を思いつけず。。。困りに困り、わたしが「ディンタイフォンはお好きですか」とお聞きしてみたところ、「IONの4階にある中華レストランの方がディンタイフォンより好きです、メニューは同じような感じです。」とおっしゃったのでそこに行くことに。ただ、お店の名前が思い出せないとのことで、同じコンドにお住まいなので一緒にタクシーで向かいました。ところが、お友達が思っていたお店は Imperial Treasure で改装中でした。仕方なく、同じフロアーにある Taste Paradise に行ってみました。

I had lunch with a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time to catch up with each other.  As the arrangement was made with such a short notice we couldn’t come up with any restaurant we wanted to go to.  In the end I asked her if she liked Din Tai Fung and her reply was that she prefers this Chinese restaurant she goes to on the 4th floor in ION.  She couldn’t remember the name of the restaurant but it wasn’t a problem as she lives in the same Condominium and we were able to take a taxi together.  The restaurant she meant was Imperial Treasure but unfortunately it was under renovation, so we treied Taste Paradise on the same floor.



We ordered Xiaolong Bao, BBQ Pork bun, wanton in chili sauce, gyoza and also simple stir-fried noodles with mushrooms (, which wasn’t on the menu but we asked them to make some simple noodle dish).  I thought the pork they used for dumplings was a little gamy for me, but it was OK.  I wouldn’t rush back but our purpose was to catch up with each other so it was fine.  The young waiter who was in charge of our table was very nice and kind.

We had a small bottle of sparkling water and a pot of jasmine tea and it was about S$29 per person.











This time we didn’t have time to think but as we live in the same condo we agreed it would be nicer to have some salads & cheese for a simple lunch at one of our homes rather than trying to think which restaurant would be good.





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