Buko Nero

昨日のディナーは、Buko Nero に行きました。しばらくお休み(よくお休みされるとお友達からお聞きしたことがあります、1月ほど予約が取れない形になっていたのでたぶんお休みだったのだと思います)だったようでしたが、1週間ほど前に予約を入れていました。前回行ってから3ヶ月も経っていました。

We went to Buko Nero for dinner yesterday.  It wasn’t available for booking for about a month, I guess they were on holiday.  A friend of mine told me they tend to close their restaurant quite a lot.  Anyway they seem to be back.  It’s been 3 months since we were there last.


First you get Focaccia, but I’m not very found of this, outside is crispy but inside has strange sticky texture like it’s not cooked properly.  This happens a lot in Singapore in restaurants.  I don’t know why.



Amuse was something like small croquette, nice and crunchy outside and filled with beef.


夫は前菜に bresaola の上からスモークしたリコッタチーズをかけたもの。

My husband had Bresaola with shaved smoked ricotta cheese for starter.



I had crostini with mozzarella & cured ham.



Palette cleanser was pineapple & citrus – it’s like ice candy.



My husband had venison for the main.



I made a special order and they kindly made spaghetti with tomato sauce.  The pasta’s texture was just right and the sauce was delicious.



For dessert, my husband had “Grandma’s Flourless Cake”.  I guess they use almond powder instead of flour, it was very nice.



I had dates pudding.  It’s quite sweet but I enjoyed it as it’s a small portion.



With a bottle of sparkling water and a bottle of red wine (about S$90) the total bill was about S$28, which is reasonable in Singapore.  It was all good.


Their menu is very small and most of the items are fish, seafood and gamy meat that I cannot eat so I ended up having the very similar pasta both the last time and this time.  I don’t mind it at all because I do love simple pasta if it’s cooked well and it was delicious.  My husband also ordered the same main dish last time and this time.  As long as we go there only once every few months, this isn’t a problem.  The older lady staff, who was very scary when we first went there, was very nice and smiley yesterday.

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