Birthday Dinner – For Me! (Terra, Tokyo Italian)


Late last night I was writing about our dinner and I was writing a post on my blog.  After about 2 hours when I nearly finished writing in Japanese my computer crashed and I lost everything except the title.  2 hours of work disappeared in a second.  I have spent quite a lot of the time editing the photos but I probably spent about an hour writing.


After I changed my iPhone to XS MAX, charging it from my PC hasn’t been working well, apparently it’s one of the problems many are having, and it has crashed my PC a couple of times.  On top of that, this WordPress brower is also giving me  a problem.  It’s supposed to save every few mintus while I’m writing but that stopped working a couple of months ago, it keeps telling me it failed saving.  I can save it if I think of clicking “save” and I do that sometimes but last night I hadn’t.  So I lost it all.  It said it saved something like 20 or 30 minutes before it crashed but it wasn’t true as all it managed to save was the title.  My husband is good at computer and he spent a lot of time trying to see if it was saved somewhere but it wasn’t.  I felt I could scream, then felt very tired so didn’t want to try again.  I’m not charging my iPhone through my computer now, I can tell you that!


So, it was my birthday yesterday and I had many kind messages from my friends who live in various countries asking how special my birthday was.  Well, it was just an ordinary Friday.  My husband gave me a card and we did go out for dinner – not somewhere special in the sense that it was a restaurant we go to every 2 or 3 months.  My husband asked me if he can get me a present but I told him I cannot think of anything right now.  Like I wrote in my post about wedding anniversary, I don’t want to get something just for the sake of it.  When we were younger there were things we would buy on an occasion like this because they seem too luxurious to get on an ordinary Monday (or whatever) but at our age we buy what we want when we want, we don’t have to wait!  I suppose staying in some luxurious places on holiday (we are leaving this coming week) is a present.  Having said that, if I see something I want on holiday I’ll ask my husband!

さて、特別な日に行くレストランというと Jaan なのですが先月の結婚記念日に 行ってしまったし、ロブションに行きたいと思っていたのですがいつの間にかクローズしていて(1度しか行かなかったですがとても美味しくてやはりレベルが違うと思ったので、とても残念)他に行きたいところも思いつかず、とある事情で結局 Terra に行きました。高級といえば高級ですがカジュアルで特別感はないので、わたしたちにとっては普段の金曜日(と言っても、3ヶ月に1度程度です、お高いので。。。)に行くレストランなのですが、少し前から「桃のパスタはいつごろ行けば食べられますか?」とお聞きしていて、たまたま昨日ならと少し前にお返事があったので。

For us, Jaan is probaby the only restaurant in Singapore we go to for special occasions only, and we went there on our wedding anniversary last week.  I was thinking of going to Robuchon but sadly it closed a few months ago; such a shame because we’d been there only once and I thought the food was completely different level from any restaurants I’d been to in Singapore.  Anyway, we ended up going to Terra.  Terra is expensive but it’s very casual and not a special restaurant to us, but we do like there.  There is a cold pasta with peach that has been very popular in summer in Japan for the last few years and this is the only place here I know they serve it and I’d been asking them when they would have it – I finally got a message they can cook it in the last couple of weeks, that was the reason I chose the restaurant this time.


In Japan peach season has finished some time ago, at least the best season for peaches has finished.  I don’t know why they cannot get hold of them until now, but that was the case.  I wonder where they get them.


First, we had amuse – about a teaspoonful of sweet corn soup with a little cheese in a tiny demitasse cup (no photo).  Then a small table was brought next to us and we were wondering why – then the staff came with white truffle from Alba!  He grated the white truffle on their homemade truffle butter and mixed them together for us to have with warm focaccia.  It was delicious.


We didn’t see this performance at any other table so I wonder why we had it.  Maybe becauese it was my birthday?  Maybe because I cannot eat fish or seafood flown from Japan because they are the expensive ingredients that they are very proud of?  I seem to get truffle every time when I eat there.  Black truffles don’t impress me much but white truffle is very fragrant.





Then my husband first dish was Carpaccio of Pacific Bluefin Tuna with some sea urchin.  My husband was enjoying it very much.



Mine was Kagoshima beef carpaccio with mushroom and white truffle – delicious.



The 2nd dish was the same for both my husband and I – the Peach Pasta that I was waiting for!  It has been so popular in Japan for the last few years but I don’t think I’ve seen them in any restaurants anywhere else, and this is the only restaurant here where I know they serve it.  We don’t travel in the summer so that might be it but I don’t think I see it on anyone’s blogs other than Japanese so maybe only in Japan.  I know pasta salad is popular outside Japan but I don’t think cold pasta is very common outside Japan.


The peach wasn’t very sweet or fragrant, to be honest, but the pasta was very nice and refreshing.  I was happy I had it anyway.



My husband’s 3rd dish was Pasta with Ayu (Sweetfish).  Isn’t it unusual?  Maybe popular in Japan but I’d never seen it.  My husband said it was very good.



Mine was with Alba’s white truffle again – with 36 months Parmesean cheese.  Very good but very strong flavour – I was feeling I had enough truffle by then -isn’t that terrible?  I do love the texture of their homemade pasta.



My husband’s 4th dish was fish.  Some kind of seabream, I think.



Mine was risotto Carbonara style.



Then the main was Kagoshima beef with white truffle.  Although the beef had quite fatty parts it did’t taste fatty, it was just sweet and tasty and tender.  It was served with Yamaimo (Japanese Yam.).  It’s a special type of yam that is long and very crisp when raw.  It was baked so outside was crispy and inside was starchy.  I love baked Yamaimo.



Dessert was Nashi (Oriental pear) and some tart-like base.



Petit Four was homemade Castella and chocolate.



I was so full by the end, it was all very good.

Terra describe themselves as “Japanese Italian”.  The chef has been trained in a few places in Italy so his technique is authentically Italian but he tends to use ingrediants from Japan.

54 Tras Street
Singapore 078993

Tel: 6221 5159


It was an ordinary Friday, nothing special, but the biggest present is the fact that both my husband and I are well and happy.

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