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I attended my  flower class. The teacher had a baby recently so there was no class in September or October so it was nice to be  back.  I made a large Champetre as I often do.; I’ll take some photos of the bouquet tomorrow.

お友達とご一緒だったので、お花の後、タングリンモールの House Of AnLi でランチをご一緒しました。こちらのカフェ、雰囲気は本当に素敵で好きなのですが、メニューがわたしがランチタイムに食べたいと思うものがとても少ないです。

As a friend also took the class, we went to House of AnLi for lunch in Tanglin Mall after the class.  I love the decor of this cafe but they don’t have many items I like for lunch on the menu.


My friend had a sandwich of egg, ham & tomato.  This bread is so chewy, it would be much nicer if it was grilled or warmed up in the oven until it’s a little bit crispy and easier to eat.  My friend found it not so enjoyable to eat so she took half of it home. I also have problem with their boiled egg, it smells quite strongly.




I ordered Meatball Linguini.  Unfortunately, the meatballs smelled too gamy for me.  I know I’m more sensitive to this sort of smell than many, so not everyone would find them so, but they were too much for me so I left them all and just had the pasta.  The pasta was fine, just ordinary tomato sauce.  It was very small portion, though.  I don’t know if I eat more than others or not but for me it was so small I felt more hungry than when I started!





I forgot to take a photo but my friend and I shared a piece of Apple Tart because I was still hungry.  I didn’t have whipped cream and without it it was nice and light and tasty.  We also ordered tea.  This made me less hungry and I was sort of OK.  I probably could have eaten another plate of a pasta, though.


As I hadn’t had a chance to talk to this friend properly for a while, it was great to be able to catch up with each other.  It started to rain halfway through the lunch so we sort of waited for a while but it didn’t look it would stop anytime soon so we gave up a little before 4.00pm  Fortunately there was a taxi waiting for me at the taxi stand of the mall, so no problem there.








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