Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / The Best Avocados Ever


A little rest from animals.


We rented a house in Cape Town and made some breakfast.  The house had a very good kitchen so it was a shame we weren’t able to use it more but we had some restaurants we wanted to go to.


One evening, we decided we wanted to have a light evening meal at home, so we bought some bread, salad, cheese etc in a supermarket – and we bought a pack of 2 avocados.  These avocados were soooo good!  They were huge, delicious, very sticky, unforgettable.  We used just a half of one for the evening meal and enjoyed the rest for the following 2 mornings for avocado toasts for breakfast.  I very seldom have breakfast but I couldn’t resit these avocado toasts my husband made for me.  Very simple, just avocado, salt & pepper, but so so delicious!



I think avocados in Japan are pretty good but these were beyond them.  As avocados are so popular these days, apparently they are exported from South Africa to the US but I don’t think I’ve ever seen them here in Singapore.

すごく美味しいものを食べられると嬉しいのですが、その後なかなかそれに見合うものに巡り会えなかったりしますよね。シンガポールに戻って来てお友達情報で Little Farms で食べ頃のアボカドを手に入れることがわかってとても嬉しいですが、やはりあのアボカドに比べると水っぽくてねっとり感もありません。でも、食べられるだけ有難い。

When you eat something so delicious, the drawback is that you are always disappointed after that.  A friend told me that you can get good ones in Little Farms and I am so grateful for the information as I have bought some since and they were pretty good.  However, they are still watery even though good and ripe.  Still, I’m glad we can buy just the ripe ones now.

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  1. ただでさえ、アボカドってベストな状態で食べるのが難しいのに。

    1. Noodle says:


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