Chilli Con Carne


Tonight was the last night for my friend to be here so we had the last dinner at home.  I cooked Chilli Con Carne, (and a salad) which isn’t something I would normally cook for a friends gathering, just for an ordinary day dinner.  I did take a photo after setting the table but I totally forgot to take photos after I served the actual dinner.


今日の食事中の話題は、Apple TV のことや、夫がWi-Fiで飛ばして聞いている音楽のことや、「Google Home Mini」のこと。夫が大好きな話題。Google Home Mini はこれまでたまに時間を聞いたり音楽を流してと指示するくらいであまり活用していなかったのですが、随分たくさんのことが出来るようです。今日は家の中のライトをオンにしたりオフにしたり出来るよう設定していました。お友達は、とても興味深気で色々質問されていましたが、日本のお家で使われるかな?

Today’s topics during and after the dinner between the three of us was things like Apple TV, the way my husband set up his music to play and “Google Home Mini”.  My husband’s favourite type of topics.  So far we have used our Google Home Mini only for a bit of fun like asking for the time or telling it to play some music but there are so many things you can use it for.  Today, my husband set it so we can use it to turn the lights on and off.  My friend was very curious about all this and was asking many questions to my husband – I wonder if she will be using it herself at home in Japan in some weeks or months.


So, my friend has been staying with us since Friday but is leaving tomorrow morning.  Such a few short days!

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