Christmas Tree Is Here


Real Christmas Trees weren’t widely or easily available in Japan when we lived there (I remember when I tried to find one it was something like US$800 for a very small one) so we used to use a fake Taiwanese one, but since we moved to Hong Kong we’ve always had a real tree for Christmas both in Hong Kong and Singapore.  They are very expensive but we can sometimes spend that much money for a dinner in a so-so place so I feel for us it’s worth it.


Last year the tree place we go to didn’t have any that was the right height for us – they were either too tall or too short – so we ended up having a good shape but short one. The year before the shape was awful.  There was a time when they had problem and there weren’t many available.  Every year the question of whether we can get a good tree or not is always on our mind when December is getting close, quite stressful.  This year we went to the Flower market earlier than usual – 2 weeks ago on a Saturday – and bought one.  We were worried about it getting dried out quickly, though, so we asked them to keep it for us until December 1st.  It’s free for a week and they start charging small amount after that.  It was delivered to day and it looks good.  When it’s delivered it’s in something like a large mesh stocking like this.  Usually they cut it off and take it away but it was raining today and the outside of the tree was wet so they suggested to wait until it’s dry before we cut it off.  We did so and the tree is now spreading it’s branches and they should be back to the full shape by tomrorow.  We may have to cut the top a little to fit our angel on top but it looks like a perfect size and shape.



I think we are probably about a week earlier than usual but we’ll play Christmas songs, put the lights on, the decorations on together tomorrow afternoon.  It’s a ritual we have for Christmas that we always enjoy.


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  1. Jo Hind says:

    Christmas traditions are the best! Ours begins with ordering our Christmas ham, making the pudding with as many family members as available stirring it for Good Luck, and decorating the house and especially the “real “
    tree which we always buy from the local Boy Scouts who fund raise and provide such a good service. Lots of sizes and we get there early so we can get a smallish one! You mentioned your anxiety about getting one you’d like. Seems that has happened this year. Enjoy your traditions. Nice to share!

    1. Noodle says:

      Enjoy yours, too!

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