Handmade Cards


2 friends in Japan and 1 friend in the US haven’t received my Christmas cards.  I think I posted the card to my friend in the US around the 5th of December so it’s been more than a month so I sort of assumed it’s lost and sent another one yesterday.  Today, she messaged me saying a card from somebody else posted on the 9th Dec in Singapore just arrived.  Maybe mine will soon?  Every year there are a few cards that get lost, very sad.


2 friends came to make cards today.  One of the made many simple cards – 8 in total.


The photos don’t show it but the ribbons and the heart with some scribble are heat embossed with silver.  The main parts are  stamped with grey ink.






She finished making the above earli so she made 2 more cards.  These simple cards are probably very useful.



The other friend made a Chinese New Year card.  As she made it from scratch it took her the whole time to make just this one card.  She often makes a card with drawing style look and this one is one of them.




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