Vegetable Massaman Curry


We came back from Thailand only a week ago but I already missed Thai food and so cooked a Massaman curry.  At a cooking class I learned this with chicken and potato but today I used just vegetables and cashewnuts.  The paste I use, I’m guessing, probably has some shrimp paste and also I use some fish sauce but this is not a vegetarian dish but I didn’t use any meat today, just vegetables and cashew nuts.  I used potato, onion, pumpkin, green bean, and mini tomato.  When I tasted I thought it needed more depth but it tasted fine when we had it at the table with rice.  I did add some extra coconut cream after tasting.  My husband says he likes this version better than chicken & potato version, and better than what we’ve had in Thailand.  I think he likes this more because there are a lot of vegetables.  I find in Thailand that the ratio of the sauce and vege/protein is low on vege/protein.  I personally quite enjoy just the sauce and the rice but my husband likes more bits.  (My husband says that’s one reason but he says it tasted great and the thickness of the sauce was right, too.)





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