Cheese Fondue Party


We had a cheese fondue party with the families (1 couple and 1 family with a 5-year-old girl), the same members as at our Christmas Dinner.  When we had the Christmas dinner here, we talked about cheese fondue and said we’ll get together for that next time.


I was quite busy and didn’t have a lot of chance to take photos but did manage to take these two.


There is no photo of it but I served some Hoummus and pita chips first while we waited for the dinner to be ready.  The dinner was cheese fondue, Parma ham, chorizo, finocchio salame, boiled small potatoes and carrots, a large salad (tomato, onion, red & yellow pepper, cucumber, apple & lettuce, dressed with lemon juice, grain mustard, salt, pepper, honey & olive oil).


Again no photos but I prepared chocolate fondue for dessert and served it with marshmallow and strawberries and we also had tarts and cakes that the guests brought.




We had Champagne with the dinner and afterwards moved to the coffee table, where we girls had white wine that the guests brought and the boys had single malt whisky while we chatted until late.  We had a lovely evening and I hope our friends did, too.

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