Chilli Con Carne


I’m going to have a short trip for a few days soon without my husband and also I’ll be in Japan for quite a while from middle of March, so I need to freeze some meals that my husband can have for dinner after work, so I’ll probably cook the meals that can be frozen often until then.


So, today’s dinner was Chilli Con Carne.  If I ask my husband what is her favourite meal, he would probably say “Chilli Con Carne!”.  I cook it probably once a month or more often because if I ask him what he wants to eat when I cannot think of anything his answer is either Chilli Con Carne or Curry most of the time.  We have Chilli Con Carne with rice like most English people do, it’s like curry.  I also prepare salad and garlic bread.  I stopped making garlic bread a little while a go but my husband missed it so it’s back.  Beer is also a necessity!


I sliced some onion for the salad, mixed it with some dressing so it will not be too strong by the time we have the salad.  I was also going to add some avocado just before we had the dinner.  I forgot both so the salad was a bit small and boring…  Sigh…





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