Blue Kouzina (Greek Restaurant)

今日は、デンプシーの「Blue Kouzina」というギリシャ料理のお店に行きました。少し前にお友達と行ったらシェフが変わったらしく、以前より軽めになっていて2人でも食べられそうだったので。以前も美味しかったのですがかなりヘビーで味も濃かったので、2人ではあまり品数が食べられず、大勢で行くところというイメージだったのです。何年か前にデンプシーに移ってきておしゃれっぽい雰囲気でしたが、前回行ったらオープンキッチン風になっていてお店が狭くなっていました。今日行って外からみてみた感じでは、オープンキッチンを挟んで反対側もレストランになっているようで、キッチンを真ん中に置いた形なのでしょうか?雰囲気は以前の方が広々していて良い感じでしたが、サービスの方が大変だったのかもしれません。

We had dinner at “Blue Kouzina”, a Greek restaurant in Dempsey.  When we were there before it was heavier and saltier so I thought it was for a large group but when I had lunch with some friends relatively recently, I noticed that the food was lighter and less heavy with seasoning and thought it would be OK for just two of us, too.  When it moved to Dempsey some years ago it was a larger room and I liked it better, now it’s smaller and feel it looks messy.  I’m not sure what happened to the rest of the space but it looked like there was another room next to it so maybe it has 2 rooms now on both sides of the kitchen.  Although I prefer it before maybe it was hard for service people as it was a very large room.


Both my husband and I love having pita with dip but we decided to avoid ordering it because it would fill us up before other dishes.


Greek Salad.  We ordered a half size but it was still very large – but we ended up eating it all.



Dolmades .  It’s grapevine leaves filled with seasoned rice.  The rice was mashed until it’s sticky and gluey – we didn’t enjoy this so much.



They told us that 1 order of pita bread is 4 pieces.  Although it is, it’s just 1 pita cut into 4.  We ended up ordering another pita after this one.



Although I don’t like Feta cheese, my husband was curious to try this roasted red peppers filled with spicy feta cheese so we ordered it.  I thought I can always get rid of the cheese but it was actually a pasty texture so it had flavoured the pepper even though I scraped it out.  I was able to eat it, though, and I think my husband enjoyed it.



Moussaka.  We think of “Moussaka” when we hear “Greek Food”.  My husband loves it so we had to order it.  We weren’t able to finish it all but my husband had about a half of it and I had about a quarter, it was very good.  It is very rich but at least not as salty as it used to be so we did enjoy it.




We were going to order some dessert but they gave us a complimentary dessert plate.  I didn’t take this photo until we nearly finished the watermelon but the one further away is some sort of semolina cake, I think, and the ones closer are Baklava.




Although we weren’t keen on Dolmades, we enjoyed everything else.  With a bottle of water and a bottle of red wine it was about S$200, which is reasonable in Singapore.  We thought it was good value.

Blu Kouzina
10 Dempsey road
#01-21,  247700

Tel: 6875 0872

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